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Stair Step MLM

World's Best Stair Step MLM Software from Kalai Infotech - MLM Software Company.

Stair Step MLM

There are various kinds of MLM business planes are available in the market and one of the popular method is stair step mlm plan. Usually, this plan is based on the sales volume of the groups and also individuals. So, this MLM stair step plan is manage for both the sales volumes.

How It Work?

With each rank/step, you are assigned an amount at lower price or refund you create on the purchase from the company.

For example

In first stage (sales professional level) may create 20% discount

Second stage (distributor level) will crate 25% discount

Third stage (supervisor level) will make 30% discount

Fourth stage (Manager level) creates 35% discount

Fifth stage (National Director) will create 40% discount

So, you increased the steps which get marketed to your company amount discount rates or discount rates improve.

hen they have reached Distributor, Supervisor, Manager or National Director Title ranks, they wish to continue the position (or higher) for three successive months to gain “Title Bonus”. If they fall down a level and after promoted again, they will start again and wish to continue the level 3 for complete successive months to do for the once-off title bonus.


Stair step plan provided the top incomes possibly. The breakaway part of these plans assign a person to create huge teams and gain payment from great stages of levels.


In a unilevel plan which is six levels deep, you would gain commissions from only this six levels. However, in a Stair step plan provides doubles your payment on the volume of their whole group likely be six levels deep as well. One more benefits of this kind of MLM compensation plan is the possible size of the downline. Normally, these kind of plans have no limit on the number of people who can be obtained into your first generation line. Likewise, there is no restriction on the number of registers which your downline distributors are authorized to register.


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