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Monoline MLM Plan

World's Best Monoline MLM Plan Software from Kalai Infotech - MLM Software Company.

Monoline MLM Plan

It is one of the latest and powerful MLM plan these days. The name shows that what kind of concept of this plan. It is all about relating to come in the same “mono” (single) line. Now, Monoline plan is one of the leading MLM plan in the industry.

How it Works?

It is like a forced matrix plan works under specific number of positions and filled compulsory. However, Monoline Plan is consistently an opportunity gain each time when a new member joins the network. The downline plan is depend upon the joining time stamp and whoever comes first will obtain more benefits.

For example

Foremost all members are set in a single line. When (1) adds (2), (1) and (A) gains a referral bonus amount. This proceeds in a method by accomplished the chain, providing (A) to get the matrix bonus and re-enter back on the bottom line.

This is a beautiful compensation method because there is no compulsory level or no limit for this method to use. In Monoline network type, it is suitable to divide the profit shares. Apart from that, a crucial thing is to be examined here is the timing (is entirely based on the first come first service methodology). Most of the new companies are doing Monoline MLM plan, because of its popularity. It is one of the highly proposed MLM plan.


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