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Binary MLM, Best Binary MLM Software

World's Best Binary MLM Software from Kalai Infotech - MLM Software Company.

Binary MLM Software

There are many MLM software types to use. We use Binary MLM Software plan in direct selling business. It is the most successful and popular MLM software used in network marketing companies.

About Binary MLM Software

Binary MLM software follows the Binary plan which basically allows growth in matrix of two. Binary plan is a technique of pairs. Generally it follows the left and right tree structure. Members in the tree structure progresses up the chain by incorporating two members under him directly. The member can introduce maximum of only two members under him. One on the right side and other on the left side of tree structure.

After that member added two members in his downline, he get opportunity to spill on member in downline. He can ask to place a new member below an empty left or right side as his downline.

Plan Commissions

Commission for a member is calculated based on number of members added on each sides. Each right and left side combination is known as pair. One left and one right is referred as pair. Two lefts and one right or one left or two rights is referred as one pair. Each company follows various pair calculation logic in Binary MLM software. Commission is paid in cycle basis and it differs from company to company.

When a cycle is completed the members is paid commissions based on their matching pairs in cycle. Maximum payable limit per cycle is known as capping or ceiling.

Power side

If left side of tree structure has more members than right side, the remaining pairs on left side is called as power side.

In commission payment, the balance side of power leg is carry forward or laps.

Why Binary MLM software

It is the growing MLM plan and helps MLM companies to increase customer base in short time.

Binary plan is fastest way than any other plans. Many non FMCG based products usethis plan for one time selling.

Many companies attach this binary plan with other plans such as board plan, generation and purchase plan and more.

We offer world class Binary MLM software that consists of all features and functionalities needed for MLM companies.

Product points

Some companies has wide range of products under MLM scheme. Commission is calculated based on product points.


Royalty can be of type Gold, silver and Platinum. Calculated by achieved pair counts. It is assigned by some predefined percentage by company.

Awards and rewards

Another way of giving commission. Calculated by number of pairs earned with or without time frame.


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