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Generation Plan

World's Best Generation Plan Software from Kalai Infotech - MLM Software Company.

Generation Plan

It is considered as the most powerful MLM plan that can be paid many levels deep. Because of an end number of credits, generation plan is selected over various other plans. If the generation plan is useful, there is more opportunities for a person to obtain success in his efforts.


A generation is the total volume from upline to downline (this contains people with the aforesaid and various ranks). The technical working idea of this MLM plan can be specified in the following example:

Think 16 levels containing only 4 generations. The amount you can receive will be more in the type of the first generation and will be obtaining reduced for the given generations specifically. Let’s create it more understandable, for your first generation you will pay 10% and for second it will be 6% and for third 4% and fourth only 2%.

So if you are want to start a MLM business with best MLM software, you need to have the best generation plan. However, you can simply find a good generation plan in the business from different MLM software offers but you want to pay a good amount of money for that. Because this plan is good in terms of features is fixed at a huge amount. So, finding a best MLM software companies provide generation plan at very affordable cost.

We provide all MLM plans and solutions which are tested to come best results and helps complete support at the times of requirement.


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